Custom Hardwood Floor and Stair Services

Refinishing In Progress
Laying Out Wood Planks in a Foyer
Staircase - After

Hardwood Floor Care Services

For many years I have been consulting with clients to achieve new finishes that compliment the beauty of their original historic wood work. Wood species, color, grain exposure and light levels in a room are some of the key elements that need to be taken into account. Once a direction is decided, I will produce a sample on the existing wood for approval. Only when the customer approves will we go ahead and complete the work. Common wood work refinishing projects include door and window trim, fireplace mantles, baseboards, solid and veneer doors, wainscoting, ceiling beams or coiffures, hand rails, spindles and railing posts.

Surface Preparation

Paint and varnish removal is typically done with gel strippers and a denatured alcohol wash. Sanding and hand scraping methods are also used whenever possible. No heat guns are ever used.

Once the paint and varnish scrapping is complete, refinishing consists of two distinct operations; wood surface preparation and wood refinishing. The quality of the finish is only as fine as the preparation that preceded it. Preparation for finish, including patching and filling, as well as a progressive series of sanding coats, is an opportunity to allow the final finishing to bring out all the hidden beauty of the woodwork.

Finishing Work

Mixing of color tints and staining are usually the first process of the finishing work after preparations are complete. Though color variations can naturally appear in different species of wood, multiple applications of tints and stains can produce a more even presentation of the work.

Color samples are always done to ensure this important phase of the work is approved. If needed, pigments and dye can be used with artist brushes to effect specific spot touch ups and blend colors. After the proper colors are laid down, I can begin sealing and top coating the wood either by hand or spray application.

Custom finishes can be applied by brushing, spraying or hand wiping.

All coats of finish are fine sanded between coats and thoroughly cleaned to ensure a quality bonding process and a smooth feeling finish. Wax and tongue oil finishes are rubbed and buffed by hand to produce a low lustre, satin, semi-gloss or a high-gloss finish. Varnishes as well as oil and water-based polyurathanes provide maximum protection and natural beauty. Samples of final finishes can also be made up.


Staircase refinishing is a significant area of woodworking done by Pat’s Woodworks that adds distinct character to any home. The stair treads can be refinished by themselves and the remainder of the staircase repainted or the entire staircase can be refinished. Balusters, spindles and hand rails can be brought back to natural wood again, prepared and repainted, or a combination of the two. For example,painted spindles and natural wood hand rails and posts are a traditional look.

Hand rails, spindles and posts that have loosened up over the years should be glued and re-nailed so as to restore the stability of the railing and ensure a safer environment in the home.

Sometimes old woodwork is in pretty good shape and only needs to be cleaned and re-coated. A touch-up service can erase most of the nicks and scratches that have accumulated over the years. This work restores the beauty of the project and can save the customer time and money.